Cornerstone Tiny Homes Open House 4/29



Cornerstone Tiny Homes introduces Our New Dog Trot Models


We, at Cornerstone Tiny Homes, are expanding our Florida Building Code Compliant offerings to include a Dog Trot Style Home. A new version of a century old proven product.


Cornerstone Tiny Homes Code Compliant Tiny House Friendly Counties

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Cornerstone Tiny Homes is excited to announce it’s first Florida Building Code Approved Tiny House.

We have been working for over a year on a Florida Building Code Compliant tiny home and we are excited to announce that our floor plans have gotten approval from the State of Florida for our Code Compliant Tiny Home or CCTH. This is a foundation based home built in our facility and delivered to your site to be placed on your slab or stem wall, LEGALLY! We have been speaking to many cities and counties who are excited to have this product in their municipality. These homes will qualify for a mortgage greatly reducing your monthly payments. Tiny home ownership for under $500.00 a month including land in many cases. We start building the first model “The Denali” on February 4th.


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Cornerstone Tiny Homes invites you to take a virtual tour of our design process.

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